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The Renegade TMB 4000 Parts Washer

Features of TMB 4000 parts washers include: An adjustable fountain nozzle, 1/2" polyethylene construction, Heavy-duty casters, a 20 gallon holding tank with a low water alarm and shut down system, an adjustable thermostat, and a power gun with splash hood.

Parts Washer Specifications:

• 26" x 34" x 18" working area
• 500lb Load Capacity
• 70Z Heavy Duty Wash Pump (High Volume Centrifugal)
• 1.1KW Heater
• Max Solution Temperature 185 degrees
• Sump Capacity - 20 Gallons
• Heavy Duty Polyethylene Construction
• Automatic Low Water Level Shut Down
• Flow Thru Scrub Brush
• Flow Thru Detail Brush
• Parts Magnet
• Power Nozzle
• Brush Kit
• Sink Insert Sediment Tray w/Foam
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