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Gardner Denver is committed to  providing the best waterblasting and hydrostatic testing equipmenton the  market to customers worldwide and offers three rental locations in  United States, located in Houston, Ohio and California.
The waterblasting rental fleet consists of 325 HP, 475 HP and 600 HP  pump units, with pressures up to 40KPSI. All pumps are equipped with  autofrettaged fluid ends, dual stand pipes (for suction stability),  pressure regulating valves, and diesel engines with full  instrumentation.
Whether testing pipe and blowout prevention equipment or maintaining  adjacent well pressure during hydraulic fracturing operations, Gardner  Denver’s Hydrostatic Testing fleet delivers unsurpassed performance.The  Hydrostatic Testers only require one operator to conduct a complete  hydrostatic evaluation. Both the electric and diesel hydrostatic testers  are designed for optimum portability, being offered on a skid or  trailer. Testing that typically takes an hour can easily be completed in  60 seconds, more accurately and for less money.

Gardner Denver’s customers can rent our products on their terms to suit  the needs of their operations. Our rental packages offer customers  tremendous advantages because we not only offer the most reliable pumps  on the market, but our pumps consume less parts per operation,  outperforming competitor products. We’re proudly the only company in the  industry to offer this rental service.
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