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Parts Washer

APW Pro White PW-1000 is an environmentally friendly “green”
detergent used in water based cleaning.
It removes soils, greases, oils etc. Contains no heavy metal
chelating agents. APW Pro White PW-1000 helps prevent
heavy metals from dissolving and creating a hazardous waste.
The surfactant/solvent blend is readily biodegradable and quickly
releases removed oil and greases for skimming.
APW Pro White PW-1000 contains several percent by weight of
our exclusive de-foamer blend which helps save money over the life of the detergent.

  • Cleans metals, paints, plastics, stainless steel, brass and aluminum.
  • Economical per gallon cost.
  • Designed specifically for parts washers.
  • For use as a stage 1 alkaline cleaner in an in-line washer.
  • For use as a low foaming alkaline cleaner for fat & grease removal
       in a food processing plant.
  • Designed to work well in cold or hot water.
  • Contains several per-cent by weight of de-foamer to help with Parts
       Washer foaming problems.
  • De-foamers are alkaline stable and highly effective.
  • Newest corrosion inhibitors to protect equipment and prevent flash rusting.

Heavy: 1 Lbs. APW Pro White PW-1000 per 4 gallons of water
Medium: 1 Lbs. APW Pro White PW-1000 per 8 gallons of water
Light: 1 Lbs. APW Pro White PW-1000 per 16 gallons of water

  • 100% Active Ingredients
  • pH 4% Solution = 12.4
  • Specific Gravity = 1
  • VOC = 2 grams per liter
  • Freeze / thaw stable
  • Hard Water = Softens and is soluble
  • USDA Letter of Guarantee - Available
  • Shelf Life = Two years in a sealed container
  • Softening = Exclusive anti-scale system to prevent scale coil clogging.
  • Ozone & Smog = Does not carry ingredients that attack the earth’s ozone,
 or contribute to smog.
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