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Organophilic Clay Filter Media

Organoclay® PM-199 is a proprietary granular adsorption media effective in removing oils, greases other non-aqueous phase liquids (NA PL) and other dissolved high molecular weight/low solubility organics.

• Organophilic Filtration Media: as flow through media for treating groundwater and       leachate.
• Organoclay® Bulk Capping: provides subaqueous chemical isolation of contaminated
 sediment NA PL seeps in waterways.
• Solidification/Stabilization additive: improves hydraulic and leachability performance of
 pozzolanic mixes by adsorbing NAPL and dissolved low solubility organics

Features & Benefits
• As filtration media used in series prior to activated carbon vessel, it extends life and
 adsorbency of activated carbon by removal of larger molecular organics that can cause   fouling.
• Operates in stand-alone mode for treatment of oil contaminated waters or   steam condensates.
• High adsorption capacity of oils, greases and other NA PL

PM-100™ and PM-199™

PM-100 is a chemically modified clay/anthracite filtration media that reliably removes oil, grease, and other low-solubility, high-molecular weight organics from wastewater.
This mixed media is designed for flow-through systems.
Low-solubility organics are adsorbed onto the product surface while clean water passes through Can be used in three different modes:
• As a stand-alone treatment for removal of low-solubility organics from water.
• As a post-treatment to polish a wastewater stream
• As a pre-treatment to increase the overall efficiency of GAC by preventing surface pores from being blinded by oils, greases, and other less water-soluble organics PM-199 is a granular, 100% organophilic clay media.

PM-100 and PM-199 can extend the life of GAC by as much as 500%, resulting in higher
carbon absorption capacity and more effective and consistent removal of heavy metals
and solvents.


Test Method
Bulk Density
CETCO Test Method
44-56 lbs./cu.ft.
Oil Adsorption Capacity
CETCO Test Method
0.5 lb/lb Minimum
Hydraulic Conductivity
mod ASTM D 2434/5084
1x10-3 cm/sec Minimum
Quaternary Amine Content
CETCO Test Method
25-33% min. Quaternary Amine Loading
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