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Super Red Degreaser DE-750 is a super heavy duty degreaser and industrial cleaner. Super Red Degreaser DE-750 is specifically formulated with a balanced blend of hydroxides and butyl to work on the toughest degreasing and cleaning applications.
Used in cleaning trucks, mining equipment, logging and oil field equipment, fork trucks, construction equipment and floors.
Removes smoke, carbon, greases, oils, carbonaceous soils and built up road film is excellent in cleaning engines, fifth-wheel, mining equipment, off-the-road equipment and construction equipment, any heavy duty applications.
Proven to actually clean out scaled up coils. Field tested.

  • Fully biodegradable
  • No chlorinated solvents.
  • High concentration of surfactants.
  • Our active ingredients are double most competitors.
  • Economical per gallon cost.
  • Designed specifically for pressure washers.
  • Designed for hot or cold washing.
  • Exclusive dispersion and water softening package to aid in hard water conditions.
  • Works well in hard or soft water.

Adjust the mix ratio according to your cleaning application or severity.
Apply warm as a pre-spray. Let sit for a short time.
Use a lower pressure to rinse off, then follow with a high
pressure rinse, cool, soft water is preferred.
When cleaning Aluminum dilute 35 to 1 or more.

  • 21% Active Ingredients
  • Flash Point = >212° F
  • pH 5% Solution = 11.7
  • Specific Gravity = 1.06
  • VOC = 55 grams per liter
  • Shelf Life = 2 years sealed
  • Freeze / thaw stable
  • Hard Water = Softens and is soluble
  • USDA Letter of Guarantee - Available
  • Softening = Exclusive anti-scale system to prevent scale coil clogging.
  • Ozone & Smog = Does not carry ingredients that attack the earth’s ozone, or contribute to smog.

  • 20 Litre Pail P/N TR-405-20
  • 205 Litre Drum P/N TR-405-205
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