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Bolondi Cleaning Heads
Wheelie Bins
    • SW053A
    • SW060A-CF
    • SW060-250°F
Waste Bin
    • SW120A-CF
    • SW060-HY
Drum Cleaning Heads
IBC Cleaning Heads
Tank Cleaning
Vehicle Cleaning
Undercarriage Cleaning Heads
Bolondi Accessories

Hydrus Chemicals
CFIA Approved
Truck Wash

Surface Cleaners

Turbo Nozzles
General Pump
Salt Water Jetting Pumps
Salt Water Jetting Units
Mud Pumps
Hydraulic Driven

Pressure Washers
Electric Direct Drive
Gas Engine Direct Drive
Gas Engine Belt Drive

Grafiti Removal

Waste Water Collection

Cetco Energy Services
Filtration Media

Ringwood Environmental Waste Water Treatment Systems
  • TT-125 Manual Treatment System
  • TT-200 Manual Treatment System
  • 200 SA Semi-Automatic Treatment System
  • CE-200 Automatic Treatment System
  • CE-400 Automatic Treatment System
  • CE-800 Automatic Treatment System
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Ph: 604.940.1599
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Toll free: 1.800.626.6465
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