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SlurrySafe AR – Concrete Slurry Remover and Cleaner

SlurrySafe ARTM is a Patented Synthetic Safe Acid Replacement for all Hydrochloric Uses

SlurrySafe AR is a patented, synthetic acid that is biodegradable and will not harm paint, rubber, velcro, or skin. It is a synthetic safe acid replacement for all hydrochloric uses that instantly dissolves hardened concrete slurry from equipment, tooling, sponges, etc.
It is highly effective to remove calcium-based deposits of hardened concrete slurry or splatter from equipment, vinyl siding, fencing, or any other surface where abrasive scrubbing could damage the surface. It’s an aggressive pH acid that ships as non-hazardous but cleans like a standard commercial acid such as muriatic acid.
SlurrySafe AR’s patented formula reacts chemically ONLY with calcium in concrete and dissolves it away. SlurrySafe’s chemical will NOT hurt the environment or skin!
Features / Highlights
  • “Triple Zero” hazardous material score
  • 100% bio-degradable
  • Non-toxic, non-fuming, no VOC’s
  • Non-regulated by U.S. DOT
  • “Cleangredient” EPA-Approved
  • Safe on pumps, pipes, and most metals
  • Descales and eliminates foulants and rust
  • Requires no corrosion inhibitor
  • High pH neutralizer
  • Acid-free

Multiple Applications
  • Grinding aid
  • pH Reducer
  • Diamond tool cleaner
  • Equipment cleaner
  • Descaler
  • Rust remover
  • Slurry/concrete dissolver
  • Dried slurry
  • Cured concrete splatter
  • Lime-based patching materials
  • Thin-set and brick mortar

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